Classified as a musical direction

Everyone who loves music, tries not to part with her as long as possible. It accompanies us through life, and modern man can not imagine a silent environment. But to find out what you like, and download it to your computer, tablet or smartphone to your favorite tunes, you need to understand the classification. Let's look at what trends in fashion today.

1. Classic

a Classic associated with works of bygone days, and is cultural heritage. Performed by orchestras or period instruments (organ, violin or piano). It reminds us of the geniuses of the past centuries - Tchaikovsky, Schubert, Mozart. But there are many contemporary composers working in classic style.

2. Pop music.

a Very broad class, it is possible to include almost the entire stage. It is written in the dance rhythms, has a distinct melody. Attention focuses on text and voice artist and then a musical accompaniment. It is calculated that in the sense you think about it no one will, but you can dance to it. Such a direction a lot of fans. It is enough download track and you can arrange a dance floor even in the apartment, even in a cafe or club. This genre focused on emotions and not on understanding. It is a style for entertainment.

3. Hip hop

this term is combined from several youth activities, including R'n'b and rap. Under these rhythms marks a break dance, she became a subculture of graffiti. Roots style rooted in the African motifs that developed in North America. That is, at first it was the rhythms from the slums who gained popularity among the youth and become an integrated commercially successful culture. Rappers, mostly African Americans, reading tongue-Twister lyrics to upbeat music. And fans of R'n'b inclined to dance and more melodic version of hip-hop. Classic examples of these areas it is fashionable to download on https://mp3eagle.com/.

4. Electronic music

the Use of appeared in the 20th century instruments led to a new direction in creativity. This work, performed technical means - synthesizers, electric guitars, processed on the computer. They also focused on the clubs, discos and parties - wherever you want a bright show and drive. This is the sound created by an unusual sounds that have no analogue in nature. It is not a familiar sounding instruments or live voices of the performers. The compositions are designed to tear the listener from the real world and move to a parallel reality.

5. Blues and jazz

Born of an African-American environment, these tunes convey the emotions and lifestyles of their creators. The difference is in the instrumental treatment, presence, improvisation and performance style. Blues is the progenitor of the genre, and it can be described as the "roll call" tools - when one sets the theme, and the rest of her play, using improvisation. Jazz played by bands where the leading role in brass instruments - trumpet and saxophone. It is based on improvisation. Can a jazz band be guitar, and piano.

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